What is Becoming Whole?

Society perpetuates the myth that to be healthy we need to follow their rules. They say:

  1. Being fat is a choice and is 100% because of actions
  2. Pregnancy/postpartum are used as an "excuse" for not being a certain weight
  3. Calories in = calories out. It’s that simple.
  4. It all comes down to will power
  5. Thin = healthy. Everyone should exercise 1 hour a day, eat 1500 calories a day, and be everything to everybody, all the time
  6.  Self care is selfish and makes someone a horrible mom

But what if weight didn't matter?

That Changes EVERYTHING!

Every belief or thought you have about yourself can be rewritten. 

- diets don't matter

- willpower has no meaning

- you can stop eating when you're full

- food can be fuel, not something to avoid

- you can live out of abundance instead of lack

- You can finally feel complete, whole, free, and weightless

Enjoy your Food

No more guilt about what you're eating. Learn to eat mindfully and savor every bite.

Plan for Success

Learn how to plan ahead so the "right" choice is the easy choice.

Feel in Control

Practice mindfulness and learn how to approach your eating, goals and life with intention.

Feel Energized

Sleep better so you wake up more rested, ready to take on the day. 

Love to Exercise

Find new ways to stay active and move your body. No treadmills needed.

Love your Body

Learn to appreciate your body how it is instead of wishing it was like someone else's body

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