Nourished and Content This Holiday Season

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Are you ready to feel in control of your eating this holiday season? No more resolving to deal with this on January 1st. This is your year to stay on track and enjoy the holidays. 

Between parties and sweet treats everywhere you turn, it is hard to stay on track and eat well during the holidays.  When we are stuck in a "diet mentality" we often feel like we can't eat them because they are bad foods. 

What if I told you there were no bad foods? 

What if there was a way to reframe your thinking so that all foods could fit?

What if that the shame spiral that starts after the 3rd cookie didn't need to happen? 

It's true! With intuitive and mindful eating, you can take control of your eating and enjoy food without the guilt. When you follow this philosophy you reframe food in a way that makes you want to eat foods to nourish your body. Pretty amazing, right?

When you sign up for this challenge, you get an intuitive and mindful eating workbook that you can complete at your own pace. You also get access to my facebook group that is loaded with extra support and content to help your stay on track with all areas of  your health and life this holiday season.

Are you ready to: 

  • Take control of your eating
  • Go from feeling stressed to content
  • Be present in the moment
  • Take action to not lose yourself in the chaos

Seriously! This is totally doable. But it takes 3 things:

  1. Commitment
  2. Intention
  3. Self-compassion

And one more BIG thing – SUPPORT

Are You Ready

To Take Action for a Noursihed and Content Holiday?

Click the link below to download your free workbook today! Then click the "join the group" link to find your tribe and get at it!

What You'll Gain Through This FREE Challenge

Feel in Control of Your Eating

Learn and implement intuitive and mindful eating to regain control of your eating habits an stop cycle of over-eating and negative self-talk.

Be Present & Cultivate Gratitude

Learn mindfulness practices to be present in the moment,  create lasting memories, and express gratitude and joy for little things in life.

Honor & Love Your Body with Positive Choices

Begin to reclaim your relationship with your body in a positive environment where size doesn't determine your worth and health is available to all.

All the Details

The challenge runs from 11/20-12/31 but you can join at any time. After filling out the form below you'll be given a free workbook to begin your path of intuitive and mindful eating.

I understand the holidays are a busy time, so this challenge can be tailored based on the amount of time you have. The core of the challenge is the self-paced workbook where you will practice mindful and intuitive eating.

Through the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years there will be tons of supplemental content in the free Facebook group. Here's what you can expect to find in the Facebook group:

  • Bonus videos and PDFs to augment the blog posts found on
  • Weekly Facebook live Q&As, for which you can submit questions in advance and re-watch whenever is convenient
  • Healthy recipes to please even the pickiest eaters
  • Community support and accountability partners
  • Inspirational quotes and stories to keep you motivated

All this in a positive community to help you fully enjoy this holiday season. Pretty amazing right? 

Grab your free workbook today!

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